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About Us

Acchindra Technologies Private Limited, a Hyderabad, India based organization, has been in software application and product development as well as testing and consulting services since 2013. Our team provides consulting services to other software development companies as well as to those organizations with an in-house development team.
Acchindra, an IT company with core competence in providing solutions and services in the field of Software. We provide enterprises with strategic insights on what lies ahead. We have a dedicated office in India with good man power, and serving highest standards of professionalism and competitive advantage to each and every customer.
At Acchindra, we see Innovation as a clear differentiator. Innovation, along with focus on deep, long-lasting client relationships and strong domain expertise, drives every facet of our day-to-day operation. For our clients, it translates into strategic business value and for us, into consistent financial performance. Our strengths are our technical expertise in making diverse technologies work together and our commitment to quality and delivery. We promise to deliver products in time, with expected productivity without fail.


Acchindra’s vision is to be recognized as the best partner in providing customized programs, hands-on service and support, and high performance products to help the customers improve business performance and competitiveness, while helping them increase reliability, efficiency and compliance.


Acchindra’s mission is to be the hands-on expert partner to increase our customers reliability and productivity, and to enhance their business performance and competitive advantage.
Our value will be delivered through our customer specific service and support expertise, collective practical experience and high-performance product offerings, while providing strong short and long-term measurable cost savings and improved profitability.

Our Core Values:

Acchindra Technology is a family company with a rich history of core values to guide us in our commitment to our customers’ success.

Customer-Focused - We create value for our customers by anticipating their needs and responding quickly when called upon.

Respect - We mutually appreciate one another’s ideas and opinions, and show this consideration at all levels of our organization.

Responsibility - We are accountable to our customers, the company, each other, our community, and the environment - always striving to do what is right.

Development - We encourage personal and professional growth through skills improvement to enable success in any endeavor we pursue.

Innovation - We foster individual creativity in a progressive work environment to turn new ideas into actions that attain proven results.

Teamwork - Our strength comes from our dedication to cooperate with each other in achieving our common goals.

Pride and Passion - We are passionate about our work and proud of our achievements - individually, collectively, internally, and externally - and it is this pride and enthusiasm that drives us to continually improve.

Compliance and Sustainability – We maintain a strong focus on environmental stewardship in our internal operations, as well as our support for customers, and work to balance social equity and well being along with economic viability in the organization.